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I remember when:

When we could lay in bed all day and just laugh and watch movies
When we could act silly in the car but still find each other attractive
When we would get butterflies when we kissed
When we would get excited to see each other
When we didn’t want neither one of us to go anywhere with anyone else
When we actually missed each other
When we would argue, pause, then smile and hug each other
When we didn’t want anyone else but each other
When we wanted to show the world what kind of love we had for each other
When we were proud to be each others
When we would take tons of pictures together
When we cared more about each other than what other people said
When we used to get dressed up for each other
When we surprised each other
When we would leave our phones just lying around with a doubt in mind
When we were actually happy to be around one another
When we would pay attention to each others no verbal cues
When we actually notices if one of us was sad and do anything to make them happy
When we trusted each other 
When we would show off how awesome we were
When we were happy
When we could sit and talk about anything, including deep conversations
When we actually LISTENED to each other
When we swore we would never hurt each other intentionally
When we couldn’t go more than an hour without kissing each other
When we told our friends how lucky we were to have each other
When we were understand of each others feelings and thoughts
When we would text each other cute messages
When we called each other “babe, baby” 
When we would cuddle all night
When we were protective of each other
When we were together nothing else in the world mattered
When we wouldn’t go to sleep mad at each other
When we were together “to infinity and beyond”
When we would hear our song we would look at each and smile
When we thought about each other constantly
When we fell in love 
When we THOUGHT we were unbreakable. 

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The story so far

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hjsdfhds I don’t even know where to start….

Im okay with being alone, but feeling alone is harder for me to cope with.
Acting like nothing is wrong hurts because as much as I want to say something I can’t because id rather not argue. I just want to be wanted. who doesn’t

just my luck though

After my break up a few years ago i had to learn to be happy again and cope with life..

this time it seems so much harder because it seems like i can’t.

but i need too…

i need to make myself happy and stop expecting things from people…
i can’t expect to be treated great if i give any option to be treated a different way.

but when people feel like they have you.. it means they know you will always be there, no matter what.. guess its time to giving other options. so much more to say i just can’t put it into words. 

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i need to vent. will definitely be doing that soon.

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